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[site report] wittgen SP500 helps the construction of Beijing second airport

[site report] wittgen SP500 helps the construction of Beijing second airport

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wittgen real material SP500 slip form paver in the construction project of Beijing second airport, the construction efficiency is very high, the paving is formed at one time, and the flexibility is high, ensuring the smooth progress of the construction

wittgen SP500 helps the construction of Beijing second airport

construction site

this construction project is the construction of Beijing second airport project, which is located in the super large international aviation integrated transportation hub between Lixian Town, Yufa Town, Daxing District, Beijing and Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province. According to the plan, the Beijing new airport project plans to build seven runways to meet the annual passenger throughput demand of 100million people

wittgen SP500 paver

the construction area is 250000 square meters, and the construction time is about 3 months. The unit in charge of this construction project is Beijing AVIC Airport Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

13. After the test, the company is a loyal customer of wittgen China for a long time. It is a domestic unit that uses slip form pavers for airport pavement construction. It has several wittgen slip form pavers SP500, and has used wittgen slip form pavers in many projects such as Xinzheng airport, halbin airport, Chengdu airport, Chongqing Airport, Changsha airport and Huai'an airport, It has been praised and praised by customers

the construction area is the apron construction. The customer mainly uses wittgen SP500 for construction, with a paving width of 5 meters and a thickness of 42 cm

the paving operation of wittgen SP500 is formed at one time, with high efficiency. After the completion of the construction, the customer conducted core sampling inspection, and the results showed that the paving strength was better than they expected. This time, wittgen's equipment has won high praise and praise from customers without exception

Shen Ju, senior product manager of wittgen, communicated with the general manager of AVIC in Beijing that during the construction process, the normal construction speed of wittgen SP500 is 1 meter/minute, the slump is controlled at 1~2 cm, and the daily construction volume can reach 2000 cubic meters

construction site

paving effect

due to the advanced slip form paving technology of wittgen SP500 and its ultra-high performance and efficiency, the operators can carry out the construction work effortlessly, reducing the working intensity of the operators

obvious advantages

compared with manual construction, wittgen SP5 can avoid the complications of autologous grafts and the shortcomings of allografts. 00 slip form paver has multiple advantages:

fast construction speed and good quality

after construction, the pavement has high strength and good flatness

save the time and cost of manual construction

wittgen SP500 slip form paver is an ideal choice for paving various cement concrete pavement slabs quickly and economically

its modular concept can ensure that the equipment has a standard paving width of 2.0m to 6.0m, and the paving thickness can reach more than 40 cm

wittgen SP500

night construction

operation site

the distribution plough or distribution auger configured in front of the wittgen SP500 body can evenly distribute the concrete. The body is equipped with 18 heavy-duty high-frequency electric vibrators, which have a wide range of vibration and large exciting force

At the same time, the advanced leveling and steering control system of the equipment can ensure the accurate paving effect. If the construction needs, the dowel bar or pull rod can be automatically inserted without interfering with the paving construction

wittgen SP500

for the construction of heavy-duty traffic trunk lines, airport runways and high-strength industrial plant roads, wittgen SP500 has all the configurations, which is a wise choice for such projects

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