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Scientific development, harmony and win-win results -- report on the annual meeting of Zhejiang curtain wall industry

on January, 2010, the 2009 joint annual meeting of the building curtain wall Professional Committee of Zhejiang construction metal products association and Zhejiang building decoration industry association was reconvened at the Xiaoshan leading world hotel in Hangzhou

as one of the organizers, Zhejiang Zhongli Holding Group Co., Ltd. led by chairman Tang Chuanxing and President Wang Guohua participated in the flow. Zhejiang Zhongli energy-saving glass manufacturing Co., Ltd. has set up a special energy-saving glass booth in the sample vehicle design stage to promote the new generation of double silver Low-E coated glass

in the afternoon of the 12th, more than 100 delegates and experts went to Xiaoshan Linjiang Industrial Park and visited Zhejiang Zhongli energy saving glass manufacturing Co., Ltd., an energy-saving Low-E coated glass production base under Zhejiang Zhongli holding group. By visiting the energy-saving Low-E glass production workshop in person to understand the various links of energy-saving Low-E glass processing, the visitors personally felt that they were infected with the international advancement of Zhongli equipment, the strict standardization of production process, strengthened their determination and belief in the reliable quality of Zhongli energy-saving Low-E glass, and fully affirmed the vision and fighting spirit of the chairman of Zhejiang Zhongli in developing the enterprise

On the evening of the 12th, the conference hosted a banquet for delegates and experts. Tang Chuanxing, chairman of Zhongli group, was specially invited by the organizing committee to deliver a toast. While thanking his friends for their full cooperation, Tang said that in 2010, Zhongli group will cooperate with the international glass giant only to understand each part head - the PPG industry group in the United States to promote Zhongli energy-saving products to the world

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