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The 2009 National Pathology academic conference of the pathology branch of the Chinese Medical Association was held in Xi'an new world ancient capital hotel from October 30 to November 2, 2009. It is an annual event in the field of pathology. This event was hosted by Beijing Union Medical College, from Beijing Union Medical College, the Third Military Medical University According to the performance and requirements of flexible packaging film, experts from Tianjin Medical University and the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army gave wonderful lectures on the investigation of pathology and medical quality management, the separation and identification of tumor stem cells, the quality control of pathology in Tianjin and the progress of molecular pathology research, Visiting Prof Bharat jasani made a report entitled "immunology: challenges in standardization and quality assurance". More than 600 pathologists, teachers and students from national key or well-known hospitals such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Guangdong, Sichuan and Heilongjiang participated in the event

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leibertiac's booth is located at No. 38, Qinhuang hall. It displays histos 5 microwave rapid tissue processor and macropath D gross specimen digital imaging system, which attracts the attention of many teachers and crowds in front of the booth. Dr. Gianluca micheliti, Asia Pacific manager of Italian milestone company, had a technical exchange with the teachers present, especially the latest vacuum tissue transfer system launched by milestone company. The participants were very interested in the "green pathology laboratory solution" provided by milestone to completely eliminate formalin, and they consulted relevant technologies

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Laibo and preserve experimental curves Tyco, as the most famous supplier of laboratory products in China, is China's top microwave technology application expert, has rich experience in the field of analysis, and is currently expanding its business in the medical field, It is committed to promoting the application of the innovative technology of microwave rapid tissue processing to make the clamping process smoother in China, changing the lengthy processing methods in the field of pathology for more than 100 years, significantly improving the work efficiency of histologists and pathologists, achieving the same day diagnosis, relieving the anxiety of patients, and bringing good news to them

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