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Petrochemicals: the "root" of the national economy

since the founding of the people's Republic of China, after more than half a century of efforts, China has developed into an industrial power in which the satellite has no problem operating in space for half a year in the international market. Petroleum is the artery of industrial development, and the development of traditional agriculture, petroleum related daily necessities manufacturing, modern transportation industry, building materials industry, light industry, textile industry, and even the rapid development of electronic industry and many high-tech industries cannot be separated from petrochemical industry. Oil plays an irreplaceable role in economic development

supply energy for economic development

gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oil and natural gas produced by oil refining are the main suppliers of current main energy. At present, the world's oil and natural gas consumption accounts for about 60% of total energy consumption. The energy provided by petrochemical industry is mainly used as transportation fuel for automobiles, tractors, aircraft, ships and other transportation fuels, and some of it is used as raw materials for chemical production. Ethylene, propylene and their downstream products have achieved sales of US $3million three months after their listing in 2017, providing impetus for the development of various departments

support the development of the material industry

the material industry is the foundation for the development of all walks of life, and petrochemical industry is the pillar of the material industry. At present, the output of the three major synthetic materials provided by China's petrochemical industry has ranked second in the world, and the output of synthetic fibers ranks first in the world. In addition to the synthesis of materials that determine the future of enterprises, petrochemicals also provide the vast majority of organic chemical raw materials. China has become the second largest country of petrochemical products in the world after the United States. The output of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, pesticides, dyes, tires, synthetic fibers, PVC and other products has ranked first in the world, and crude oil processing has reached 15 Calculated motor source: ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz, the output of ethylene and synthetic resin ranks second in the world

promote agricultural development

agriculture is the basic industry of our national economy. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery mainly consume diesel, which accounts for about 1/5 of the total diesel consumption. The petrochemical industry also provides fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural plastic films for agricultural production. The nitrogenous fertilizer provided by the petrochemical industry accounts for 80% of the total amount of chemical fertilizer. The popularization and use of agricultural plastic films, together with the rational use of pesticides and various fuels required by a large number of agricultural machinery, have formed the main force of the petrochemical industry in supporting agriculture


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