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The petrochemical industry drafted the first application standard of frequency converter

from July 23 to 26, China Petroleum and chemical automation application Association held a working meeting in Beijing, which focused on discussing and determining the basic framework of three series of 12 industry standards related to frequency converter and soft start device, which is the first industry standard in the application of frequency converter and soft start device in China's petroleum and chemical industry

chenminghai, Secretary General of China Petroleum and chemical industry automation application Association, pointed out that with the maturing of variable frequency speed regulation technology and soft start technology, its application in the petroleum and chemical industry, with the annual growth rate of China's chemical industry's foreign investment reaching about 80%, is becoming increasingly popular, which plays a positive role in stabilizing production, improving process control quality, energy conservation and emission reduction, maintaining devices and equipment, protecting the environment, and has broad application prospects. However, due to the lack of unified industrial engineering application standards, there are no rules to follow in the design, selection, maintenance and use of frequency converters and soft start devices in practical engineering applications. Quality problems and safety accidents occur from time to time, which bring hidden dangers to petroleum and chemical production, and these problems become more and more prominent with the expansion of equipment application scope and the increase of application quantity. Therefore, at the initiative of industry experts, the association began to organize the formulation of relevant industry standards, which have been approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology and included in the 2010 national industry standard formulation and revision plan

it is understood that the industry standard series of technical application guidelines for petroleum and chemical industry transformers developed by the organization will not be accurate if they can effectively reach the defroster/soft start in three days. The industry standard series includes three series of low-voltage frequency converters, soft start devices and medium voltage frequency converters. Each series also includes four parts: basic requirements, design and selection principles, installation, commissioning and acceptance specifications, maintenance and use procedures, with a total of 12 industry standards fast and convenient!. These standards will be further revised and standardized in the second half of the year, and comments will be solicited from the industry, and the draft will be issued for filing before the end of the year

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