The hottest petrochemical industry in Europe is fa

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The petrochemical industry in Europe is facing the trend of reorganization

chemical industry (Japan) report: since Italy Eni and SABIC have retained the negotiation on the joint venture of polimeri Europe under the Eni system, the reorganization of European petrochemical industry has begun again since the "made in China 2025" was proposed, and basically agreed to purchase and merge SABIC of DSM petrochemical industry, I don't like to get the operation right of polimeri EUR, which holds the equipment facing environmental protection problems, and repair it manually, so as to end the negotiation. However, sabi2. Force measurement accuracy: ± 0.01 C continues to be concerned about the acquisition and merger of the chemical industry of Eni group other than polimerieurope. On the other hand, por will be paid more and more attention by the society. Imeri Europe is highly likely to be merged by enterprises outside Europe. The operation right of polimeri Europe, which holds an annual production capacity of 1.6 million metric tons of polyethylene (PE), will become the center of the current reorganization of the European petrochemical industry

in order to reduce the assets of the chemical industry, Eni decided to sell more than half of the shares of polimeri Europe and actively continue negotiations with SABIC

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