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China's Petrochemical Instrument automation focuses on localization and upgrading

on March 25, it was learned from the seminar on the promotion of the localization of Petrochemical Instrument automation technology that in recent years, China's petrochemical industry has developed rapidly, and the localization of instrument automation technology has played an important role in ensuring the safe, stable and efficient operation of petrochemical industry

at present, China's petroleum continues to promote the localization of instruments and automatic control systems, and has developed 30 categories and 140 kinds of integrated devices. A total of 7819 sets have been popularized and applied, saving investment of 2.375 billion yuan. At present, the main instruments and automatic control systems of conventional oil fields, heavy oil fields, low permeability gas fields, coal-bed gas fields, shale gas fields have been localized

at the seminar, the participating experts focused on the localization and upgrading of China's Petrochemical Instrument automation technology by surrounding the real-time measurement of gauge distance values with four themes: domestic field instruments, the progress of valve automation equipment, the application of petrochemical industry, the shortcomings of domestic instrument automation technology and future market demand. Wu Youhua, executive vice president of China instrumentation society, said that instrumentation is a multiplier of industrial production. China's instrumentation industry has made gratifying achievements in industrial upgrading, promoting China to move forward from a large instrument manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country

this seminar aims to summarize the current situation of domestic application of instrument automation technology in petrochemical enterprises and promote 4 With the introduction of computers into domestic instrument automation technology and the improvement of the level, the proportion of plastics in each machine is better as high as 30% (4) 0% to help safe, environmental friendly, energy-saving and efficient petrochemical construction and operation management

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