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Lida photoelectric blue glass infrared filter has not been mass produced in the testing stage

as the first largest country of new energy vehicles, Lida photoelectric () internal staff told the news agency that the company's blue glass infrared cut-off filter (IRCF) is currently in the testing stage and has not yet achieved mass production. The industry said that the market space of blue glass will be improved

for the company's blue glass IRCF test, does the customer include Samsung? The above person did not respond directly. He just said that Samsung is the company's customer, and the company provides Samsung customers with some optical products on and off

and the company also involved in the blue glass IRCF business is crystal Optoelectronics (), blue glass IRCF is the main source of crystal optoelectronics' current revenue and profit, and its growth is still excellent. It is a star + Taurus product. Kongwenjun, the company's secretary, told the news agency that blue glass IRC neglected the overall improvement of the functional characteristics of local products, and the f yield is basically stable. Blue glass IRCF mainly adopts the OEM and self marketing mode

it is estimated that the import of domestic waste paper will decrease by 30% and 38% year-on-year in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

it is understood that blue glass infrared cut-off filters are mainly used in camera lenses with 8million pixels or more and flat-panel cameras. With apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG and other high-end and flat-panel cameras have or will adopt 8million pixels, while domestic Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad, oppo The rise of domestic brands such as Xiaomi has driven the demand for HD cameras

insiders said that with the continuous upgrading of intelligence, the photographing function has become a standard configuration, and the pixel requirements are getting higher and higher. In addition, the wide application of personal computers, tablet computers, face recognition technology and the popularity of vehicle mounted cameras have greatly increased the demand for cameras

Lin Enping, CEO of Dali optoelectronics, also said that in the smart and tablet computers launched in 2014, lens modules with more than 10million pixels will dominate. Lin pointed out that almost all customers use lens modules with more than 10million pixels, which will be used for smart or tablet launched in 2014

industry data shows that the growth rate of mobile terminal IRCF in 2012 was 37%, of which blue glass IRCF grew rapidly, with a growth rate of 153%. It is predicted that the market scale of mobile terminal IRCF in 2015 will be 3.25 billion yuan. Zhonghua glass () Department

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