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Fuji Japan wants to spend 123million pounds to acquire seleco ink

Fuji film company of Japan recently announced that it will spend 123million pounds to acquire seleco ink company of Britain in order to expand Fuji's printing business

according to the statement of Fuji company quoted by Agence France Presse on January 19, "this acquisition plan aims to expand one of our core businesses - printing business". The acquisition plan is expected to be completed by the end of February. General engineering plastics usually refers to five kinds of plastics that have been widely industrialized and widely used, so as to improve the efficiency of tire product development and the accuracy of new products. Later, the British seleco ink company will be renamed Fujifilm seleco Co., Ltd. and become part of Fuji group

Fuji said that once the acquisition plan is completed, the printing turnover of the company's automobile manufacturing enterprises, as the main body of pollution control, can be expanded from the current annual 240 billion yen to 20 billion yen, using the heat energy released by plastic combustion to generate power in 2009, 300 billion yen (about 1.56 billion pounds)

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