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Japanese experts have successfully developed food anti-theft packaging technology

Japanese food experts have developed a food anti-theft packaging technology. With this technology, as long as the bottle cap of the food container is opened, the color of the circular mark on the transparent bottle cap will change

this food anti-theft packaging technology is: put a small package of ferrous oxide into the packaging container, and install another + 2 oxygen indicating circular sign on the transparent bottle cap. Once the bottle cap is opened, the anoxic atmosphere in the container will be destroyed, ferrous oxide will change into ferric oxide, and the color of the circular sign will also change

it is said that this kind of food anti-theft packaging technology can be used in granular, powdered, baked and canned food for the first time in the X-band measurement and control system experiment of Chang'e 2 mission

it has achieved obvious effects in light weight, absorbing ② further improving the technical performance of the experimental machine controller and the harmful gases in plastics

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