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Japanese enterprises set up a bioethanol enterprise in the Philippines. JGC and Itochu, a leading Japanese trading company, announced on April 12, 2010 that they would establish a bioethanol joint venture with local partners in the Philippines to produce bioethanol on a large scale and operate power supply business, otherwise it would not be applied on experimental machines

the newly established joint venture, called greenfutureinnovations (gfii), will become a new business management company

gfii will produce and sell ethanol (54000 kiloliters/year) from sugarcane raw materials, and sell electricity (up to 19mw) using sugarcane residues as fuel through power plants. The business is located in Isabela Province, about 400 kilometers north of Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Alcohol production and power supply are scheduled to start in February 2012

in the Philippines, a new law was enacted in February 2009: the biofuels act, which requires that gasoline for automotive fuel contain at least 5% ethanol, up to 10% by 2011. As for the use of bioethanol, the law expressly stipulates that locally produced bioethanol is higher than imported bioethanol. However, the quantity produced locally is far from enough to shorten the charging time of electric vehicles from 4 (6) hours to 15 (2) 0 minutes

JGC and Itochu have been preparing to develop bioethanol in the country several years ago, including ensuring the cultivation of sugarcane in farmland (area: 11000 hectares)

the development of sugarcane planting business is expected to create jobs for about 3000 people. In addition, bagasse fueled power generation is expected to reduce its impact on the environment

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