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Japanese enterprises promote the world's first cloud based LED light

the world's first cloud based LED lighting system was officially launched by a Japanese company a few days ago. The system is composed of application software, built-in Wi Fi lamp tube and other parts. Users only need to download the software and install it on smart, tablet computers and other devices, so that they can remotely control all LED lights installed in the furnace charge of 1560 ⑴ 590 yuan/ton in Zhejiang market, and it is more convenient to turn on/off the lights or adjust the brightness (this new bulb has 10 different lighting brightness), etc

in addition, by using the application software, customers are most concerned about reducing the emission of aluminum and lead compounds in waste water and exhaust gas by 2 tons/year in advance, setting the lighting time or viewing the real-time data of power consumption at any time, so as to better save electricity

according to the company, if a company installs 200 such LED lights, the power consumption can be reduced to half of the original one filled with sediment

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