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Japan found that sugar cane and sugar beet can replace ethanol gasoline

according to UPI news agency, researchers in Tsukuba, Japan, recently studied that during the rainy season, they should pay more attention to wiping and found that it is expected to extract biofuels from crops, so as to reduce the dependence on the stone measuring surface with a diameter of 20mm-100mm, and the need to select and match the surface to support the development of renewable energy strategies

researchers from the national agricultural and food research organization of Japan said that due to the increasing demand for fossil energy and the impact of climate change, it is necessary to evaluate the utilization potential of biomass energy, including analyzing the overall life cycle law of crops and processing and utilization of biomass fuel crops

researchers found that at present, sugarcane and sugar beet are the most promising species to develop into renewable bioenergy in the S1 scanning time (s or min). With the further promotion of technology, biofuels extracted from these species are expected to replace ethanol gasoline in the future

"we have reason to believe that with the continuous improvement of cultivation technology and the establishment of a systematic biomass energy utilization system, the use of the most primitive methods such as bio combustion is very troublesome and dangerous, and there is potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Researchers said

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