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Japanese feather feather stainless steel sterile surgical blade agent

Shenzhen jinruidi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sales agent of Japanese feather surgical blade. This blade is made of stainless steel, sterile packaging, suitable for clinical medical surgery, industrial production and use. The common models are Japanese feather No. 10, feather11, No. 12 imported blade, No. 15 stainless steel surgical blade No. 21 surgical blade and No. 23 sterile surgical blade can be directly loaded on the contact point when the channel is unblocked. Japanese feather blade has the characteristics of high sharpness, firmness and durability, which is more practical and easy to use than ordinary blades

in addition, Shenzhen jinruidi Technology Co., Ltd. acts as an agent to sell blades of Britain's Swann Morton full cost reduction series, British ACM carving blades, Japanese feather A35, C35, R35, N35, S35 pathological blades, German Leika 819, Leika 818 pathological blades, British Santon mx35 pathological blades, Korean (strain) Allie disposable surgical blades, X-acto carving blades, carving knife handles Scalpel handle and other knives continuously improve the energy efficiency of the system

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