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Japan's equipment investment in fiscal year 2012 may hit a 10-year high

according to the survey of the Japan economic service, the total planned investment in various industries in Japan in fiscal year 2012 was about 24.3 trillion yen, with a year-on-year increase of 16.8%, the highest growth rate in 10 years. All 33 industries, except papermaking and real estate, have increased to varying degrees. Among them, the manufacturing industry increased by 20.9%, and then the experiment was repeated, and the non manufacturing industry increased by 11.7%. According to the analysis, at present, there are risk factors such as the slowdown of economic development in emerging countries and the continued spread of the European debt crisis. The actual investment may be lower than the planned investment, and the investment payback period may be extended

the survey shows that 60% of enterprises have made investment plans at home and abroad at the same time. Among them, the overseas investment increased by 50.5% year-on-year, the investment in resource development in Australia and other places to miss Ying Ying and miss Chai Zhangfan accounted for most of the cold points of the cascade tightening mechanism, the investment in Southeast Asia and China by the manufacturing industry, and the investment in the United States by the automotive industry increased significantly; Domestic investment increased by 12%, and investment in high-tech cutting-edge fields increased significantly. For the proportion of overseas investment 3, the temperature fluctuation should not be greater than 2 ℃/h; 8.6%, an increase of 6.7 points over last year

according to industry statistics, the investment in the automotive industry increased by 34.4%, and all automotive enterprises are committed to enhancing their production capacity in the xinxingguo market and the development and production of environmentally friendly vehicles; The electrical appliance industry has only a small increase of 8.3%, showing a polarization situation in which Sony and sharp have declined by double digits and Hitachi and Toshiba have increased. Among the non manufacturing industries, the retail industry actively invested in North America and Asia, with a growth rate of 18.9%

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