Application of the latest acrylonitrile catalyst

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New acrylonitrile catalyst has been applied

Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute recently launched a new sac - so it can often collect 2000 acrylonitrile catalysts. The new catalyst has the characteristics of low reaction temperature, high catalyst load, high acrylonitrile yield and more friendly environmental protection

at present, the catalyst has been applied in the 9000 T/a acrylonitrile unit of the chemical plant of Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company. The results showed that under the reaction conditions of 430 ℃ reaction temperature, 0.14 MPa reaction pressure and 0.09 load of the catalyst for recycling waste plastic into 3D printing wire, the yield of acrylonitrile reached 81% - 82% of light stabilizer, and the unit consumption of acrylonitrile was about 1.04. At present, the general yield of industrial devices is 78% - 79%, and the unit consumption of acrylonitrile is about 1.1. Another outstanding advantage of the new catalyst is that under the same cod, the sewage discharge is reduced by 20%. According to the existing scale of propylene common failure 1: acrylonitrile production unit in chemical plant of Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company, after the application of this new catalyst, more than 800 tons of acrylonitrile can be produced every year, with a net output value of 7million yuan

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