The hottest Japanese enterprises develop foam boar

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The new production line of foam board microwave drying equipment developed by Japanese enterprises will enable Asahi Kasei building materials company to continue to meet the growing demand for its flagship brand neoma heat insulation board and jupii heat insulation floor. Neoma insulation board belongs to the phenolic foam insulation board family, which is used in houses, buildings and microwave drying equipment of foam board; Jupii thermal insulation floor is a family of floor thermal insulation panels, which are applied to wood structure houses and are developed based on neoma technology for lifelong service

Asahi Kasei company of Japan predicts that due to the growing consumer interest in "smart" and "zero energy consumption" housing, as well as the requirements of the Japanese government's Roadmap for mandatory energy-saving standards in 2020, the future demand for microwave drying equipment for foam panels, especially heat-insulating foam panels. 3. The adjustment of beam speed during sample clamping will be greatly increased

it is reported that Asahi Kasei's subsidiary in Tokyo has added a new production line to the microwave drying equipment of foam panels in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, for the production of neoma insulated foam panels. With the recovery of the economy, the new production line has invested about 4billion yen (US $39million). The capacity expansion device has been put into use this year, and the new production line was also opened in April

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