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How can ceramic sanitary ware enterprises seize the market with small and broad enterprises

with the development of the real estate industry, the sanitary ware industry contains huge business opportunities. Ceramic sanitary ware enterprises are the top industries in the production capacity and output value of the household industry, and they also have the strength and ability to take the industrial chain integration. Only after the integration of the industrial chain can enterprises and brands have the opportunity to have a positive confrontation with the retail industry at home and abroad

channel operation mode of foreign ceramic sanitary ware enterprises

first, let's re learn and analyze the channel operation mode of foreign ceramic enterprises. Landing on some well-known foreign home furnishing brand stations, we often see that the price of foreign architectural ceramics is 10 times our domestic retail price, and it is settled in US dollars. People in the industry know that 70% of foreign architectural ceramics are imported from China. We are consuming domestic non renewable resources and cheap labor, but the profits we earn are the lowest. Why does it happen that we work hard at low-end production, while others gain a lot of profits because they master the sales channel? That is, they master the industrial integration channel

industrial integration channels

when it comes to industrial integration, ceramic enterprises and relevant media professionals have done a lot of analysis and industrial discussion. When promoting bathroom products, some enterprises have gradually shifted their focus from products to the overall bathroom space, emphasizing not only ceramic tiles, toilets, bathtubs, etc., but also creating each unique space style with the help of makeup boxes, vases, murals, etc. And how much profit does the industrial integration we are doing now bring to us? The industrial integration mentioned in the past is only the integration of ceramic related products, such as sanitary ware and ceramic tiles. There may also be some soft decoration, but it is only to foil sanitary ware and ceramic tiles, and it is not really integrated into our industry. That is to say, the integration we have been talking about is only the integration of ceramic products, not the integration based on the consumption cycle of the industry chain. International household brands we are familiar with, such as IKEA, zarahome, etc. Careful people can easily find that the products they sell are integrated according to the consumption cycle of the products. Take the consumption cycle of general household products as an example: the cycle of ceramic products (including wall and floor tiles, bathroom products, etc.) is 10-15 years; The consumption cycle of furniture and lamp products is 5-10 years; The cycle of coating wallpaper products is 3-5 years; The consumption cycle of fabric products is 2-5 years; The consumption cycle of other decorative products is 0.5~2 years; The above data may also shorten the cycle with the market demand

China has been in the peak demand for household products in the real estate industry in recent 10 years, especially in hard decoration ceramics. However, with the maturity of the real estate market, the market demand will gradually shrink, so the consumption cycle of other products in the household industry is relatively shorter than that of ceramics. Therefore, in the next few years, soft decoration products will gradually become the main consumption of the household industry

how should ceramic sanitary ware enterprises carry out effective industrial integration

integrate the products in the whole household industry chain, integrate the two industries from hard decoration to soft decoration in a more detailed way, and further improve value-added services. The following is a general summary of five aspects: product integration, service integration, design integration, logistics integration, channel integration. Through these five kinds of integration, we can help the business development of different regions, such as integration, complementarity, mutual support, etc. without integration, the profit fluctuation of enterprise product brands is very large, and the competitive strength is very strong after integration

coming out of the ceramic market, plastic bag processing is a low-end industry. It is suggested that dealers develop alternative marketing models to help dealers establish their core competitiveness. In the past, dealers spent a lot of money, and most of them were unwilling to do it. The most direct thing was price competition, The price can only be paid from the source manufacturer. The coating has a high fire resistance to hydrocarbon fires (the coating thickness is 2.27mm, and the manufacturer strives to improve work efficiency and reduce costs in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, and the output of competitiveness to the market reflects the price. How can we get out of this vicious industrial chain, so as to reduce the operating cost of dealers, help dealers establish core competitiveness, and the manufacturer's price advantage, and finally effectively reduce the terminal price to achieve win-win results.

change first Enter the main marketing mode, break the marketing mode of the traditional ceramic sanitary ware market, tap the awareness of potential consumers, meet the needs of consumers, meet their consumption aspirations in prosperous areas, and cooperate with the manufacturer's price advantage and core competitiveness (join the integrated sales of soft accessories, take the small with the big, guide potential consumers, and establish a membership system at the terminal), moistening the market silently

with a small and broad scale, the park breaks the existing ceramic bathroom store large decoration luxury store sales model, and actively contracts with domestic famous colleges and universities; Adopt multi store operation, one store with one feature, multiple stores with multiple displays, break up the whole into parts, and reduce the operating costs of dealers

the exclusive store should create a shopping environment that can add the length of the two cracks and human culture sales by talking about atmosphere and style, matching soft decoration attraction and "affinity" atmosphere; Reduce the distribution of the number of samples. Support the decoration in the store, so that the terminal retail store can be used as the window of the enterprise, and the backstage of the enterprise can be centrally designed; Product integration and distribution; Provide more value-added services to customers and help dealers establish core competitiveness. Sales channels can be carried out through point, line and surface. Quickly open the local market in a small range in a short time

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