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Under the wave of AI, how can intelligent quality inspection crack the value-added password of customer service center?

today, AI, like hydropower and coal, is becoming the infrastructure of Commerce. In the field of customer service, AI has penetrated into all processes of service. In addition to the common front-end intelligent services such as self-service navigation services and voice robots, customer service quality inspection, as a link hidden behind customer service, also glows with new vitality under the blessing of AI

intelligent quality inspection is a set of RPA (robotic process automation) system based on big data, AI and other technologies to help enterprises realize automatic intelligent quality inspection of customer service work. Enterprises can complete quality inspection tasks by setting various models and parameters and completely separating from manual work. Its most intuitive significance is to improve efficiency and save labor costs. Taking xunyiao intelligent quality inspection as an example, compared with manual quality inspection, the quality inspection efficiency is increased by more than 100 times, and the labor cost is reduced by more than 80%

some people even predict that intelligent quality inspection will completely replace manual quality inspection. Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, it also shows that quality inspection, as an important part of customer service management, is a very suitable scenario for the growth of AI. As we all know, the troika that drives the progress of AI is data, algorithm and computing power. The customer service center has a large amount of data. Using AI algorithm and computing power can upgrade the quality inspection method. In turn, intelligent quality inspection is also the training and improvement of algorithm computing power

therefore, intelligent quality inspection has attracted much attention in recent years, and more and more enterprises begin to upgrade customer service management through intelligent quality inspection. Then how does AI apply in the field of intelligent quality inspection? What is the future value of intelligent quality inspection? As a technical service provider that has been deeply involved in the field of customer service for nearly 20 years, Sunbird software is one of the first enterprises to promote the implementation of intelligent quality inspection, and has accumulated rich experience in intelligent quality inspection

be the leader of customer service quality inspection: the breakthrough and innovation of xinniao intelligent quality inspection

the process of intelligent quality inspection is usually to convert the recording into text, and then the system analyzes and judges the text file based on natural language processing technology for keyword comparison, semantic comparison of standard scripts, rule logic (speaking speed, time interval, word count, context, etc.)

Sunbird intelligent quality inspection is based on the most advanced AI technologies such as ASR, NLP, knowledge map, etc. In terms of speech recognition, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection adopts the domestic original lc-blstm-dnn/lfr-dfsmn hybrid model, which reduces the error rate by 30% compared with the traditional method; The original LFR decoding technology increases the decoding rate by more than three times, customizes the exclusive model for specific fields, and maximizes the recognition effect

Sunbird intelligent quality inspection supports keyword detection, mute detection, preemptive call detection, call duration detection, speed detection, semantic detection, emotion detection, etc. in the trading market that is forming system 1, which can carry out quality inspection on customer service from multiple dimensions

in addition to the conventional keyword + regular model, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection introduces the most advanced NLP pre training model Albert model, which is lighter and faster, with low memory consumption, time-saving and labor-saving, and better quality inspection effect. Moreover, based on years of industry accumulation, Sunbird software has built a rich knowledge map system, which can provide knowledge search, storage and reasoning at the semantic detection level, and raise the quality inspection efficiency and accuracy to a new level

through a number of technology integration, the product function and effect of Sunbird intelligent quality inspection are in the leading position in the industry, which not only breaks the dilemma of traditional quality inspection, but also makes groundbreaking exploration and practice in data mining, model training and other aspects

coverage, efficiency and accuracy have been comprehensively improved

in terms of coverage, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection can achieve 100% full-scale automatic quality inspection, and all channel dialogue data can be quickly inspected without error or omission, which will help bring great harm to the economy, finance and ecological environment, and help enterprises comprehensively feel the pulse of customer service problems. In terms of quality inspection efficiency, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection supports both real-time quality inspection and offline quality inspection. The quality inspection efficiency is more than 100 times higher than that of manual inspection. In terms of accuracy, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection adopts the most advanced quality inspection model, and the quality inspection accuracy is leading in the industry

it is worth mentioning that the second level real-time quality inspection of Sunbird intelligent quality inspection can quickly find customer service problems and remind the seat staff to make timely adjustments at any time. The customer service manager can also know the working conditions of each agent at any time through the real-time monitoring system, and can intervene in the first time in case of illegal operations, so as to effectively reduce the risk of customer complaints

the recording module is upgraded, and manual recheck is strengthened training

the recording module can automatically record the data information after voice textization, record the quality inspection score, record the hit condition and position view of quality inspection items, support manual appeal, recheck, automatic correction of hit results, report results, and support the message notification push of key quality inspection rules. Through manual re inspection, the quality inspection model can be trained to continuously improve the accuracy of quality inspection

multidimensional data statistics, help customer service management improve efficiency

the system can carry out intelligent statistical analysis of quality inspection content, and automatically generate multidimensional reports according to needs. With the help of visual data analysis, quality inspection and customer service managers can effectively understand the working conditions of all customer service, check and correct deficiencies, reasonably allocate personnel and carry out training plans

the application of AI in the use of plastic tensile testing machine for customer service quality inspection is not only the necessity of technology implementation, but also the need of intelligent upgrading of customer service center. As a leader in promoting the intelligent upgrading of customer service center, Sunbird software takes the lead in extending various cutting-edge technologies to the field of quality inspection, which is an important layout for the company to improve the customer service ecological service chain. Therefore, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection is not simply output technology, but also hopes to help enterprises build an intelligent engine with quality inspection data as the core through technology empowerment

taking quality inspection data as a springboard, how can customer service centers jump the dragon's gate of the times

from the overall development of customer service centers, customer service centers have always played the role of cost centers in the past, and customer service quality inspection often requires huge human and time costs. Quality inspection data has been hidden in the cloud, but it is simply used for customer management. The emergence of intelligent quality inspection allows us to make use of its value

the attempt to combine the two attributes is still arduous in the era of intelligent economy. It has become a market consensus to understand and occupy the hearts of consumers through data. Quality inspection data has a natural value advantage

it carries the real data of interaction between enterprises and customers, with a large amount of data, including multi-layer information such as consumer demand, customer portrait, market trend and potential risk. It is the spokesperson of customer demand and the barometer of market trend. Mining the value of quality inspection data can help enterprises occupy the market highland and stimulate the stock expansion increment

Sunbird intelligent quality inspection can cover a full range of scenarios, such as pre-sales marketing, pre-sales return visits to intended customers, answering customer inquiries, receiving customer suggestions, providing suggestions on product and service selection, after-sales customer feedback, after-sales training, complaint handling, secondary sales, etc. through the analysis and insight of these scenario data, enterprises can define various labels about products, services, competitors, etc. according to their needs, Accurately grasp the characteristics and needs of customers, tap more potential business opportunities, and guide market promotion and product research and development

for enterprises, quality inspection data is a very valuable intangible asset. However, modern customer service centers are developing in a multi-channel and multi-media way. Customer service data are diverse in forms and scattered in storage. It is not easy for enterprises to realize omni-channel data quality inspection and analysis

as a standardized quality inspection product, Sunbird intelligent quality inspection system provides a general API interface, which can be connected to any third-party system, and also supports third-party system access, such as call center system, various communication channels, CRM system, etc. Through the integrated analysis of multi scene and multi system data, visual results such as user portrait and market demand are generated to guide enterprise operation and business expansion

with the help of quality inspection data, the customer service center can transform from a cost center to a profit value-added center, from providing basic support and services for enterprise management to becoming a decision-making factor guiding enterprise development and a driving force for growth, perfectly jumping the dragon's gate in the intelligent era and helping enterprises grow rapidly in the new economic era

Archimedes said, give me a fulcrum, and I can pry up the earth. Intelligent quality inspection data is an important fulcrum for the customer service center to realize the intelligent transformation. Taking data as the core can radiate to all links such as service, management and marketing. The most important thing is that through data, we can master the core business element of customer needs, and master customer needs. Only by mastering customer needs, can intelligent services such as intelligent customer service robots be people-oriented, which is the significance of AI

Sunbird intelligent quality inspection is coming in the era of AI. At present, it has been applied in many fields such as financial marketing, financial customer service, and financial collection. In the future, Sunbird software will continue to ride the wind and waves, deepen the integration of technology and scene, and strengthen the aggregation of intelligent quality inspection and ecological products such as intelligent customer service, intelligent marketing, and customer service robots, so as to inject more vitality into the development of the customer service industry

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