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How can Chinese energy enterprises "go well", "steadily" and "far"

in recent years, Chinese energy enterprises have actively participated in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", the scale of overseas investment has significantly expanded, and the quality and efficiency have continued to improve. However, at the same time, the overseas operation risks of Chinese energy enterprises have also become increasingly prominent, especially the relatively lagging construction of compliance management system and the weak dispersion of overseas supervision forces of enterprises, which need to be paid high attention

as an important support for the "the Belt and Road" initiative, how can Chinese energy enterprises "go well", "steadily" and "far"? How to ensure that the "the Belt and Road" becomes a clean road? China Energy News recently conducted an exclusive interview with Wang Zhile, a member of the expert group of the tenth principle of the United Nations Global Compact organization, a researcher of the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, and the chief expert of Longtu new century enterprise management Co., Ltd

2017 is regarded by the industry as an important turning point for Chinese enterprises to strengthen compliance management. At present, more and more "going global" Chinese enterprises attach great importance to strengthening compliance management and preventing compliance risks. Could you briefly introduce the development status of China's enterprise compliance management system

Wang Zhile: the wave of economic globalization has promoted the emergence of global companies, which has not only changed the business model and industrial organization model, but also changed the global competitive environment and rules

in the era of globalization, the competition among global companies has risen from the past hardware competition to software competition, from the past single technology and product competition to the competition of corporate philosophy and corporate culture. At present, the corporate culture with clean and compliant operation as the core has become an indispensable competitive soft power for modern enterprises

compliance is the cornerstone of sustainable development of enterprises. In recent years, the international community and governments have been committed to establishing and maintaining an open, transparent and fair social order. In fact, it was the financial management department that China first cooperated with international organizations to promote compliance and anti-corruption. As early as six years ago, the CBRC issued the guidelines for compliance risk management of commercial banks as early as the high degree of automation of the 200 tensile machine; In 2007, the CIRC issued the guidelines for compliance management of insurance companies; In 2012, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the national development and Reform Commission, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and other departments jointly formulated several opinions on the construction of enterprise culture outside China, which clearly required that the international operation of enterprises outside China should be legal and compliant; In 2015, the SASAC issued the opinions on comprehensively promoting the construction of central enterprises under the rule of law, emphasizing "efforts to strengthen legal and compliant operations"; In 2016, SASAC selected five central enterprises, including China National Petroleum Corporation, China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Eastern Electric Corporation, China Merchants Group and China Railway Group, to carry out the pilot of compliance system construction

as we all know, ZTE case success "We have been building factories in China for more than 20 years, a milestone for Chinese enterprises to strengthen compliance management. In March 2017, ZTE announced that the company had reached a settlement with the U.S. government on the export control investigation case, and ZTE would pay $890million in criminal and civil fines. This incident made ZTE the largest Chinese overseas company fined for violating U.S. export control regulations, and it was also a Chinese enterprise Received a ticket with the highest amount of punishment from the government of the administering Power. This incident made more Chinese enterprises realize that the compliance risk exists not only in foreign enterprises, but also in Chinese local enterprises. Strengthening compliance management is not only the task of foreign enterprises, but also the challenge faced by Chinese local enterprises

although the construction of China's enterprise compliance system lags behind, under the background of comprehensively promoting the rule of law in China, the problem faced by scrapped Chinese enterprises is no longer whether to comply, but how to comply and how to strengthen the construction of enterprise compliance system

the proposal of the "the Belt and Road" initiative has been widely welcomed and highly recognized by the international community. How can Chinese energy enterprises play an important supporting role in "going global" and ensure that they can "go well", "go steadily" and "go far"

Wang Zhile: in January this year, the "the Belt and Road" national integrity and compliance management training course, jointly sponsored by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the world bank, was held in Beijing. The integrity Bureau of the world bank, experts and scholars in the field of corporate compliance at home and abroad, and representatives of 40 central enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges around topics such as integrity and compliance, sanctions mechanisms, procurement processes, etc

among China's energy enterprises, the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) should take the lead in compliance management. In order to effectively prevent and control compliance risks and ensure the company's legal operation and healthy development, they formulated the "China National Petroleum Corporation compliance management measures", requiring the group company and its affiliated enterprises to carry out business management activities, and must strictly abide by applicable laws, regulations, rules and professional ethics, Take the implementation of compliance management requirements as a prerequisite for business development and integrate them into the whole process of production, construction and operation management. It is emphasized that the main leaders of the group company and its affiliated enterprises are the first person in compliance management

in addition, for energy enterprises, strengthening compliance is of great significance: resolving compliance risks from the perspective of risk management and control; From the perspective of enterprise management, reengineer the management system; From the perspective of corporate culture, reconstruct corporate culture from the perspective of 10 Cement compression fixture from the perspective of external investment, adapt to global competition

I believe that the establishment of a compliance management system by Chinese energy enterprises should focus on six aspects:

first, we should investigate and identify compliance risks

second, we should be risk oriented and improve the compliance system

third, we should manage and coordinate and strengthen compliance responsibilities

fourth, we should ensure the operation and improve the compliance mechanism

fifth, effect review and promote continuous compliance

sixth, we should persevere to form a compliance culture

it can be said that in the process of transformation from Chinese energy enterprises to global companies, in order to better integrate into the "the Belt and Road" economy, we must actively adapt to the new rules of competition brought by compliance management, a global company. Strive to actively respond to international rules and standards through self adjustment and development, so as to directly participate in international competition on a larger scale and at a higher level, and look for new opportunities for global development

accelerating the construction of Chinese enterprise compliance system is a grand and complex system engineering. How can Chinese enterprise compliance research innovate and expand on the existing basis, and in what aspects will it make useful attempts in the future

Wang Zhile: walk fast alone, and all walks far away. At present, with the vision and goal of "how to achieve common compliance", many domestic enterprises and research institutions have opened the precedent of joint action and made many useful attempts in promoting the construction of compliance system

for example, Shanghai East China Normal University has established a compliance research center, Shenzhen has established a multinational enterprise compliance research institute, Beijing New Century multinational corporation research institute has established a compliance club and a compliance management advisory committee, and so on. In addition, in 2017, Longtu group and Beijing New Century Multinational Corporation Research Institute jointly established Longtu new century enterprise management Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of enterprise compliance management services; And under the leadership of the commercial legal service center of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, jointly initiated the establishment of the national enterprise compliance committee

in the future, our compliance Promotion Committee will focus on advocating enterprises to implement the relevant national enterprise compliance requirements and policies, unite organizations and individuals at home and abroad who pay attention to and support compliance, learn from the advanced experience of international compliance, and comprehensively promote enterprise compliance management through in-depth research and extensive practice

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