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How can small and medium-sized enterprises survive in the cold winter of 2012?

"small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction machinery industry insisted very hard in 2012", said Su Zimeng, Secretary General of the Construction Machinery Industry Association. "In the face of the depressed market situation, the difficulties that small and medium-sized enterprises have to deal with are not just financial constraints." Small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction machinery industry insisted very hard in 2012. Suzimeng, Secretary General of the Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that in the face of the depressed market situation, the difficulties that small and medium-sized enterprises have to deal with are not just financial constraints. As we all know, the construction machinery industry is fed by high-speed rail and real estate. Nowadays, high-speed rail and real estate are almost shut down in large areas at the same time. Of course, customers will not take the initiative to buy a large number of machines as in previous years. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to small and medium-sized enterprises. The end of the second quarter of 2012 is approaching. Will the industry recover? Obviously, the cold winter is much longer than expected by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is cruel. Every industry has highs and lows, which is a normal market law. However, facing the cold winter, what should the surviving enterprises do to improve their competitiveness? Some industry experts said that a bad market is also a good time to overtake on curves. The key depends on how enterprises grasp it

survival mode 1: pursue the gap market and stick to the main business

small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany are called pearls scattered all over Germany. Their survival mode of inorganic building paint jg/t 26 ⑵ 002 for exterior walls may bring us some enlightenment. Herman Simon, a German professor, published the Book Invisible Champion: Inspiration from 500 unknown excellent enterprises in the world in 1996, which attracted the attention of the world to these unknown German Enterprises: they are scattered all over Germany, with a large number and small scale. Most of them are family enterprises, acting low-key, and are veritable leaders in their respective market fields. An important reason why these invisible champions have been ignored for a long time is that some of their products are only part of end consumer goods, such as parts of car skylights; Others are too small to be easily ignored, such as buttons or labels on drink bottles. Bofei, an expert from Frankfurt University of Finance and management in Germany, pointed out that a remarkable feature of German small and medium-sized enterprises is that their products are often targeted at the gap market through the computing field, so it is difficult to be known by the public. However, once German enterprises establish quality advantages in market segments with strong manufacturing technology, they will continue to increase R & D investment and consolidate and expand their leading edge through innovation. For family enterprises in Germany, the existence of family members makes the management of the whole company have long-term consideration for the company's business objectives, and will not give up long-term objectives due to short-term performance pressure. German enterprises are generally persistent. Once they enter an industry, they will focus on it wholeheartedly, and will never change their course or diversify because of the better money in other industries. This is undoubtedly their way to success

survival mode 2: broaden the industrial chain don't put eggs in the same basket

strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises by broadening the industrial chain. Buffett once said that only when the tide recedes will he find out who is swimming naked. Unfortunately, in the second half of 2011, many enterprises with unreasonable business mode, single product structure and uncompetitive were kicked out as naked swimmers. However, there are not no successful enterprises in China. Changsha Porter heavy industry's practice may bring some enlightenment to small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. The cold wave is not without threat to Porter heavy industries. Our industry has had a hard time in the past six months. Tang Xinyuan, general manager of marketing of Porter heavy industry. Porter heavy industry Liu Kai made no secret of the plasticity of plastic metals, also known as plasticity, because of the total amount of plastic deformation it can bear before fracture. In the first three months of this year, the company's sales fell by at least 50% compared with the same period last year. But Porter heavy industry has not made life so sad. Facing the macro-control that began in the second half of last year, Liu Kai and Tang Xinyuan thought of a way to expand outward along the industrial chain. For example, get involved in welding materials and get rid of the restrictions in the narrow field of construction machinery. For example, R & D and manufacturing of aerial work platforms can make up for the defects dominated by the company's concrete machinery manufacturing. Believe that along the industry 10 Air supply outlet: two air supply outlets with a diameter of 50mm are opened on the left side of the box (which can also be used to measure voltage, etc.) and the upstream and downstream expansion of the chain will soon bring benefits to Porter heavy industry

survival mode 3: big money can make full use of the resources in their hands

the industry is in recession, and big money may be able to help small and medium-sized enterprises tide over the difficulties. In the Zhangzhuang gear industrial park, Yandu District, Yancheng City, the busy and prosperous production scene of Jiangsu ChiXiang Precision Gear Co., Ltd. is clear at a glance. It is noted that two rows of production lines are respectively hung with Cummins oil pump gear production line and caterpillar engineering pump gear production line. Cummins and caterpillar are both fortune 500 enterprises. According to the chairman of the enterprise, Cummins alone has a monthly sales of 3million, and its profit margin is at least 15% higher than that of domestic products. Changsha Futuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also formed an alliance with large enterprises. In the cold winter of 2012, the survival condition of Futuo machinery is obviously not bad. Li Zhenhua, the general manager, told that at present, the company has signed a one-to-one service agreement with Foton, which will offset the negative impact of the low tide of the industry on the company. As a well-known large-scale enterprise in China, BAIC Foton will also give corresponding support policies to its subordinate dedicated parts suppliers. At present, Foton machinery still maintains a good operating rate and is responsible for the production of multiple accessories including the cargo compartment of engineering vehicles for Foton, which seems to be the second factory of Foton

of course, at present, the conditions of small and medium-sized construction machinery enterprises in China are very different. Combined with their own conditions, they all have their own evolutionary principles, but the author believes that the above three ways of survival may bring some enlightenment to enterprises in trouble

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