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How can Sichuan further promote electric energy substitution? Purchasing electricity in the dry season in winter has become one of the key issues. The promotion of

is a powerful measure for our province to win the blue sky defense war. During the two sessions of Sichuan Province in 2019, during the interactive activities of the two sessions launched by the political affairs Sichuan platform, some friends expressed concern about strengthening environmental awareness and how Sichuan can further promote electric energy substitution. In this regard, yaojiandong, deputy to the provincial people's Congress and general manager of Mianyang power supply company, put forward relevant suggestions

Sichuan is affected by the landform of the basin, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of various parts of the hydraulic system, and the bearing capacity of the atmospheric environment is low. In order to improve this situation, since 2014, Sichuan electric power company has actively promoted the substitution of electricity for coal and oil. From afar, the substitution of electricity has been extended to 21 fields, including the substitution of coal, the replacement of boilers and kilns, and the replacement of hot pot gas, with a total of 24.84 billion kwh. In particular, in 2018, Sichuan Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China formulated the electrification Sichuan plan, and completed the replacement power of 8.408 billion kwh, equivalent to 2.7746 million tons of standard coal, reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by 7.2141 million tons, 23600 tons and 20500 tons respectively

taking Mianyang as an example, in the past five years, we have promoted 358 hot pot and barbecue gas (firewood) to be converted to electricity, and 3714 boilers and kilns to be converted from coal to electricity Host size: 430*315*855mm 41 tons of steam, 2055 new electric vehicle charging piles. Yao Jiandong particularly mentioned the coal-fired boiler power conversion action promoted by Mianyang power supply company since 2015, and the measurement system was automatically cleared. As of October 31, 2017, coal-fired boilers with a capacity of 10 steam tons per hour and below within the urban built-up area of Mianyang City have been completely eliminated, and a total of 47 boiler energy consumption enterprises have implemented new energy substitution transformation

although the electric energy substitution work has achieved phased results, the electrification level of Sichuan is still not high, and the end energy consumption is still dominated by fossil energy, with a low proportion of electric energy consumption. Yao Jiandong believes that electricity substitution should be further promoted. For Sichuan, electricity substitution can not only effectively reduce the emission of air pollutants, continuously improve the quality of atmospheric environment, but also promote the consumption of clean energy such as hydropower, forming a clean, safe and efficient new energy consumption system

to further promote the substitution of electric energy, we should actively promote the use of new energy vehicles. Yao Jiandong believes that with the expansion of urban scale and the increase of car ownership, especially in winter, there will be more pollution sources in major cities. In this case, it is a good solution to not only meet people's yearning for a better life, but also win the blue sky defense war, promote the development of new energy vehicles and make them highly demanding in science and technology. Therefore, on the one hand, Yao Jiandong hopes that the government can further prepare the planning of charging facilities, on the other hand, he hopes to introduce social capital in increasing the construction of public charging facilities. At the same time, for new residential areas, the government should plan and guide, and reserve the installation conditions of charging facilities

in addition, the hardest time to win the blue sky defense war is often winter, that is, our dry season. Yao Jiandong said that since the current technology can not realize large-scale storage of electric energy, even in a large hydropower province such as Sichuan, it is necessary to purchase thermal power in the winter dry season to make up for the lack of electric energy. Therefore, according to Yao Jiandong, the government needs to introduce more supportive policies to further promote the substitution of electric energy

it is understood that according to the plan of Sichuan electric power company, by promoting electrification in Sichuan, based on clean energy resources such as hydropower in Sichuan, and taking electric energy substitution as the starting point, we will comprehensively promote the process of re electrification in our province, which is expected to further release the potential of electricity consumption in industrial production, transportation, agricultural production, commercial consumption, household electrification and other fields. By 2020, the proportion of electric energy in the final energy consumption in Sichuan Province will reach 36%, and the cumulative electricity substitution during the 13th Five Year Plan period will reach 55billion kwh

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