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How printing enterprises achieved growth in 2009

1 Adopting the network-based customer strategic resource plan

in Europe and the United States, the concept of printing has been promoted to a broader level. For image communication service providers, the printing output of the terminal is only a link in their whole business. Successful image dissemination service providers have paid attention to the power of networks. Nuo composite market 1 has been on the rise and has become a strategic resource partner of customers, providing services including digital asset management, network printing, raw material management and delivery. They position themselves as trusted outsourcing suppliers, provide cost-effective and effective services, and can adopt new technologies to improve the overall service

this strategic resource relationship has also attracted the attention of printing buyers. According to InfoTrends' latest research "electronic power drive: the future of graphic communication", printing buyers can save an average of 14.4% in costs by using web printing services. At the same time, it also reduces the turnover time, improves the tracking management of live parts production, makes fewer errors, and has better brand management

2. Using multi-channel production and marketing methods to improve the return on investment

in difficult times, the first thing to reduce is the market budget, unless the investment project can see a clear return on investment. It is very necessary to integrate yourself into the market value chain. For example, tukaiz, a family business that provides high-quality market information dissemination products and services, is an early digital technology investor, so under the current situation, it can use the corresponding technology to provide a variety of design and interactive services, as well as data related applications and high-quality print production services

3. Apply the order system to provide printing services and play a project driving role (B2B and B2C)

although there is no specific data, many printing enterprises have begun to adopt the form of order and delivery. Vistaprint positions the oil leakage of the oil system as a buffer valve itself as a high-quality image design and online printing service provider, which can provide convenient and high-quality image design and color printing solutions for small printing enterprises, as well as short edition printing services for customers at a reasonable price

4. Focusing on a certain market and digging deeply

tagmarketing recruiting, an American family business, has achieved success by adopting this strategy. In the early stage of business development, adambishop, one of the founders of the company, concluded that the health care market would be a safe and stable interest market for printing service providers. It turns out to be the same. Now the production system of the company is running at full capacity

The key to the success of tag is that it not only has a deep understanding of its target market, but also its marketing plan can be affirmed by health care product suppliers and end consumers. They are developing more channel marketing solutions for the healthcare market. The success of tag also shows the benefits of in-depth development of vertical markets. The company has been rated as one of the 5000 companies with the fastest growth by relevant institutions for two consecutive years

5. Pay attention to lean manufacturing and automation

with the short version of live parts and the increasing pressure on profits, image communication service providers began to pay attention to lean manufacturing and automation. This kind of attention starts from the user's order, and then extends to the whole production process. They introduced new customized high-quality products very quickly, delivered them in a short time, and made decisions on the introduction and application of production technology very quickly

founded in 2002, colorcentric aims to change the way of color digital printing, provide digital printing solutions for leading companies in various industries, enable them to use colorcentric's professional technology to enjoy the most advanced information dissemination technology, and assist them in formulating strategies to improve their own and their customers' return on investment and profitability

colorcentric's successful experience comes from the on-demand printing industry. Its operators need to design fixtures based on the shape and material of samples, emphasizing lean manufacturing and automation, which are rarely used in the printing industry. Through project management, starting from the initial conception and strategic development planning, they provide professional solutions that integrate the latest technology, make customers closer to the manufacturing process, and exceed customers' expectations, so that customers can reduce costs, speed up product production cycle and reduce workload

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